Why we are passionate about what we do.

YES, I'M AT RISK OF... is more than a tag line-- it's a global movement! This movement is to inspire people from all walks of life to transform their trauma into a powerful comeback. All birthed from the vision of founder Ashley Thomas back in December 2017. Ashley was determined to unleash value from the lives of those considered "AT RISK?" So the mission of this movement is to shift the trajectory of how anyone "AT RISK" is viewed. The truth is that everyone is "AT RISK" of something-- right?  No matter what circumstances you are born into, none of that matters.  So if you’re going to be "AT RISK" of anything, be "AT RISK" of something positive-- something GREAT. We want to inspire the world to use their circumstance as a stepping stone to propel them into the future the imagination yearns to manifest!  Simultaneously our goal is to shift society's definition of "AT RISK." We're starting right here, right NOW with the power and influence of making a bold fashion statement!  

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